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Stats and Types
Epic No
Card Type Beast
Beast Type Mold
Summoning Cost 6
Power 0
Goal N/A
Card Information
Card Number #190
Card Rarity (C) Common
Artist Bellymouth
Foil Style Bubbles

Stumpalump is a Beast Card that was first seen and printed in the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game.

The Card

Card Effect

Stumpalump cannot be moved except
with card effects.
At the start of your turn, if Stumpalump
is above a Grotto, score a card.

Rules and Rulings

  • None at this time.


The feeling of being watched in the forest is usually attributed to the nightmarish Stumpalump, their presence somewhere unseen.

Stumpalump grows within the remains of trees, most often seen in the forests near the Haunted Manor, as it seems to prefer the ancient fossilized stumps and plant husks in the area, embedded with sparkling minerals. It's believed that the beast begins as the small growth started by the spores that often surround the creature, but it takes over the husk of decaying, or decayed, plant life. Stumpalump's makeup appears to be a mold, a type of fungus-- somewhere between flora and fauna, but not truly either, despite any similarities.

The different colored irises on the eye-growths possibly hint to a wide scope of magical perception-- It's rumored that those willing to handle the mold are able to brew something quite powerful with the magical abilities it stores, having drawn up the magical power from deep within ancient bark and plant matter. Stumpalump's eyes even move independently from each other, but they have been observed to blink all at the same time.


Written by Art Team Lead Hollulu:

Stumpalump was originally concepted and shared by Bellymouth November 21, 2021, in a collection of finished artworks and other concepts, including the Thingamachicken. She was considering a more pink color for the flesh, but the team thought the blue flesh bits felt perfect for the design as-is.

The Bubbles foil type was chosen for the holographic version of the card for the creepiness-potential the design had, but the team was also pleasantly surprised at how much it resembled many multicolored eyes staring at the viewer.

Written by Game Designer J. Evan Raitt:

My first idea for Stumpalump was to have a beast that worked like a Grotto, but that didn't make much sense after trying out a few things. I switched it to a way to passively score cards when I dreamt up a theoretical game of Grotto Beasts where one player does nothing but set up an impenetrable wall.



  • Stumpalump was first publicly revealed on October 16th, 2022, alongside Ghastlight during the "Guess That Grotto Beast!"-type reveals.
  • Stumpalump is the sole beast categorized as a Mold Beast, although Toadstool could be considered a close cousin as Fungal Beast, also the only one categorized as such.