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Stats and Types
Epic No
Card Type Beast
Beast Type Chimera
Summoning Cost 6
Power 0
Goal N/A
Card Information
Card Number #194
Card Rarity (R) Rare
Artist Bellymouth
Foil Style Bubbles

Thingamachicken is a Beast Card that was first seen and printed in the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game.

The Card

Card Effect

Thingamachicken gains 1 power for
each unique Beast type among Beasts
you have in play.

Rules and Rulings

  • Thingamachicken's own Beast type will count toward its own card effect.


Thingamachicken is a rare sight, a suspicious bipedal beast that has been spotted occasionally wobbling around the Carnival Kingdom's grounds. They have a chicken-like face and the tail and legs of a raccoon, while their hands seem interchangeable, often appearing with household items.

While their actions and demeaner feel chaotic, the Thingamachicken seems largely food motivated, and is arguably quite fashionable. They have been described as "oddly charismatic" by those who have approached them.

Corn dogs are their favorite food.


Written by Art Team Lead Hollulu:

Thingamachicken was originally uploaded by core team artist Bellymouth, with the caption: "literally just 2 chickens and a stressed raccoon in an overcoat".

Written by Game Designer J. Evan Raitt:

The concept of a Chimera really spoke to me when coming up with a card effect for the Beast, and using a lot of different Beast Types as part of the card effect really helped sell it.



  • Thingamachicken was announced alongside Sneaky Rat on November 27th, 2022. Paired up as two suspicious individuals in trench coats, they were a sort of nod to the Sus Guy.
  • Thingamachicken was partially shown on a photo-pile teaser posted on June 4th, 2022, alongside other new Grottos, Beasts, and Challengers that were incoming in the revamped game.