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The work that went into Grotto Beasts was done to the best as possible. However, not even Grotto Beasts can be guaranteed to be spotless. Over time, the game of Grotto Beasts has the potential to be updated - not just to rectify typos and mistakes, but also including card changes and updates where required.

The game will be consistently updated and supported by the game's designer as long as the community calls for it.

Rules Updates

Rules Update 1 - Digital Release

At the release of the TTS Mod on November 24th 2023, a few specific rules changes were released.

Universal Rules

Summoning Cost Reduction

Any effect that would reduce the cost of any card's summoning cost cannot reduce the cost below 0. If the cost could go below zero, the cost becomes 1 instead. If the summoning cost of a card that is 0 has its cost reduced, it remains 0.

Summoning Cost of 0 and Opponent's Summoning Pool.

You may not summon any card from your hand by paying it's summoning cost if your opponent does not have any cards in their summoning pool. This also prevents a player from summoning a card with a cost of 0 from their hand if their opponent has no cards in their summoning pool.

Summoning in Alternate Locations

Cards that are summoned from a location outside of a player's hand are summoned from the location they originated from. If a card effect requires a card is played from a player's Hand, a card that is summoned from a Discard Pile will not activate the card effect.

Attached Cards

Attached cards are not considered In Play, but are still located In Play. Their card effects do not activate, unless otherwise stated, and can only be chosen by card effects that specifically allow choosing attached cards.

Summoning Free of Cost

A card that may be summoned "free of cost" as described on a card effect, that card does not have any summoning cost and and is immediately summoned. You also ignore any other summoning restrictions, such as the number of cards in your opponent's summoning pool.

Vintage Version Rules

The Printed version of the game, also known as Vintage, contains all 200 printed and physical cards, or the vintage version of all cards in the digital version of the game.

Modern Cards are not Allowed

When playing with Vintage either with physical cards or within the Tabletop Simulator mod, the Modern version of any card is not allowed.

Modern Version Rules

The digital version of the game, also known as Modern, contains the 200 digital specific cards with the Modern insignia on both the back of the card in the top right corner and front of the card nearby the rarity. Modern cards are the most up-to-date version of the specific card name.

Vintage Cards are not Allowed

When playing with Modern cards within the Tabletop Simulator mod, the Modern version of any card is not allowed.

Card Updates

Card Revision 1 - Digital Release

At the release of the TTS Mod on November 24th 2023, a number of cards were changed and updated for a stronger game balance.

GB 001TTS.png

Glueman has felt overly strong as a Challenger, being able to be a very strong blocker and attacker. While other Challengers were much more unbalanced, Glueman was pushed as slightly too strong against the balanced Challengers, so is receiving a change. The updated card effect ensures that Glueman is a staple aggressive Challenger but still provides an opening for the opponent to take them on.

  • Goal changed from 16 to 17.
  • Card Effect updated:
When attacking alone, Glueman gains
1 power for each Beast on your team
until the end of the turn.

Demon Lord Zeraxos

This is only a mild change to the wording of the card to make the card effect much more understandable. There is no other change to how it actually works.

  • Card Effect updated:
At the start of each player's turn, if that
player has more Beasts in play than
their opponents, that player may
choose a Beast they have in play and it
is discarded. If they do not choose a
Beast, each of their opponents score
a card.

The Jem Wizard
GB 019TTS.png

One of the strongest Challengers that takes advantage of the game's mechanics far more than what was found in playtesting. This update also goes along with the full rules update that basically does the same thing.

  • Card Effect updated:
The top card of your deck is always
revealed to all players.
As you summon a Wish, if it has the same
name as the card at the top of your deck,
its summoning cost is 1 less but cannot
be reduced below 1 in this way.

GB 020TTS.png

Otto's card effect was unfortunately made very irrelevant based on a number of changes on a number of Beast cards. To ensure that this fan favorite card is viable, the little rascal was given a very flexible option without changing its role in the game.

  • Card Effect updated:
When attacking, choose a Beast Type.
All Beasts in play with that Beast Type
gain 1 power until the end of the

GB 027TTS.png

The most broken Challenger gets a complete rework with a unique ability that was first developed for a now cut Challenger. This new ability will allow players to develop fun decks using this very bright and vibrant character we are proud to have in the game.

  • Card Effect updated:
At the end of your turn, if you
summoned from your hand exactly one
Beast, one Wish, and one Grotto this
turn, score a card.

The Big Baker

The Big Baker is working as intended, however it ends games a little too fast given it's ability to get a perfect first hand. The only update to The Big Baker is a higher Goal.

  • Goal Updated from 13 to 16.

Bittersweet Peaks

This card seems to be under-performing and not fitting into a good spot. This is a general problem with Grotto cards in general, but the utility Grottos are specifically effected. The Summoning Cost is getting reduced to give it a space in decks where it might be relevant.

  • Summoning Cost reduced from 3 to 2.


Metrometropolis is a strong card and gives players running with Dice an option. However, the number of Dice a player can roll in the game is quite limited. Given that the card already has a small drawback, a high cost of 4 is not where the Grotto should be. There might need to be further changes to this card to re-balance the card in the other direction, but for the time being we are going to push it. Keep in mind, Metrometropolis will only activate on the final resulting number on a dice roll - meaning that an additional die roll with Mr. Greenz will not count and rerolls made with Try Another! will not count.

  • Summoning Cost reduced from 4 to 2.

Rumble Ring

This Epic card can easily go off the rails if summoned early. Because of that, it is getting an increase in its summoning cost. It may not resolve everything, but with other changes there might be better odds that players see the need to add Grotto-removal.

  • Summoning Cost increased from 5 to 6.

Clip That!
GB 062TTS.png

This card is significant in allowing players to summon more cards. It is important to the game to continue to have a card like this. While there may be more nerfs on the horizon, this restriction will at least make sure that players are more restricted to what they do next. I will continue to keep my eye on it.

  • Card Effect updated:
Choose a player and they put the top
three cards of their deck into their
summoning pool. You cannot summon
another Wish this turn.

Double or Nothing
GB 067TTS.png

Fundamentally tied with Nebula Ray as one of the worst cards in the game, its getting a change to hopfully make it an appealing option while also adding an additional source of playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to the game. Hopefully it at least can serve a much better purpose. Although, I do like the idea that it's very flavorful that a card based on Mr. Greenz would be a huge gamble and not worth it - but someone might try it.

  • Card Effect updated:
Play games of Rock-Paper-Scissors with
an opponent until you lose or choose to
stop playing. If you had chosen to stop
playing, draw two cards for each game you
won in this way.

Emergency Rescue

Along with Clip That!, this card is just too good for the fact that it can search for itself. The small change was repeated by many in the community and I hope it still makes the card worthwhile and relevant without taking over any meta.

  • Card Effect updated:
Name a card other than Emergency
Rescue. Shuffle each card with the
chosen name from your discard pile
into your deck.

Presto Majesto

You might be surprised that this card was on my radar to change, but considering that it is outclassed by the removal cards in the game, it's not worth adding to any deck. It still might not replace those cards with a cheaper cost, but it at least is much more reasonable. I might want to make it cost 0 in the future, but lets see how it works at 1 for now.

  • Summoning Cost reduced from 2 to 1.

  • Rarity misprint corrected from Common to Rare.


The one card in the game that reduces a player's score is nice to have but not very playable in most cases due to it's 0 Power. To at least give the angry fella a memorable sting, the card is now going to be discarded, so the player on the receiving end doesn't just get more fuel to beat you back with.

  • Card Effect updated:
When defending, the attacking player
discards a scored card.


The lovable friend proved to scale upwards way too fast, making it far too imposing. It's power is getting a cut to settle it down a little. There was some thoughts in editing how effective it's card effect would be, but for now it is staying as is to make sure there are enough big threats in the game worth using in different deck builds.

  • Power decreased from 4 to 2.

Nebula Ray
GB 160TTS.png

With this change, there should hopefully be no more cards in the game that are legitimately worthless. You're welcome everyone!

  • Summoning Cost decreased from 4 to 3.

GB 166TTS.png

I'll admit that Plunky was not well playtested, leading it to be one of the most powerful cards in the game. There were some potential changes using the same kind of card effect, however nothing seemed to be balanced enough. Therefore, Plunky is getting a complete rework while still being similar to what it once was. This change gives Plunky a new home in the "Attached Cards" decks and giving fuel to that fire. Time to dust off those Abacus 1.0 and Naturalist Langston Challengers!

  • Power decreased from 3 to 1.
  • Card Effect updated:
As you summon Plunky, you may choose
to reveal to all players the cards spent to
pay Plunky's summoning cost. If you do and
each card revealed in this way is the same
card type, attach those cards to Plunky face

Strong Rat
  • Fixed flavor text.

  • Fixed flavor text.