Try Another!

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Try Another!
Stats and Types
Epic No
Card Type Wish
Beast Type N/A
Summoning Cost 1
Power N/A
Goal N/A
Card Information
Card Number #095
Card Rarity (C) Common
Artist SammNnn
Foil Style Bubbles

Try Another! is a Wish Card that was first seen and printed in the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game. The card art references a moment where Jerma couldn't complete a small minigame over and over.

The Card

Card Effect

Until the end of the turn, after each
time you flip a coin or roll a die, you may
discard a card from your hand. If you do,
ignore the result of the coin or die, and
redo it. (Card Effects do not activate if a
result is ignored)

Rules and Rulings

  • None at this time.



Written by Game Designer J. Evan Raitt:

One of the challenges when faced with a very specific moment that you need to turn into a game mechanic, is making sure it not only works but is actually beneficial. One of the ways this card was going to work was to put the top card of your deck on the top of your summoning pool. However, while that let you perform this much more often, it was not worth doing as it only increased what your opponent could respond with. I'm glad I shifted it to discarding cards.