The Cauldron

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The Cauldron
Stats and Types
Epic No
Card Type Wish
Beast Type N/A
Summoning Cost 4
Power N/A
Goal N/A
Card Information
Card Number #093
Card Rarity (C) Commone
Artist Sturner
Foil Style Bubbles

The Cauldron is a Wish Card that was first seen and printed in the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game. The card art references B. F. Bugleberry's cauldron to summon Jerma variations.

The Card

Card Effect

Reveal the top card of your deck to all
players one at a time until you reveal a
Beast. If you do, you may summon the
revealed Beast free of cost. Shuffle revealed
cards into your deck when you're done.

Rules and Rulings

  • None at this time.



Written by Game Designer J. Evan Raitt:

A classic kind of effect for trading card games I wanted to fit somewhere. This was the original card effect for B. F. Bugleberry, but was eventually swapped out to become a Wish.