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Sneb, also known as and credited as SodaSneb, is a Guest Illustrator for the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game.

Social Media

Twitter: @SodaSneb
Carrd: SodaSneb
Twitch: SodaSneb

List of Work

Card Art

Card Number Rarity Card Name Card Type Beast Type Epic Card Summoning Cost Power Goal Artist Original Forty Foil Style
065 Common Dance-Off Wish - - 2 - - SodaSneb - Dots
073 Common Excavate Wish - - 3 - - SodaSneb - Shattered


• Sneb designed the Sus Guy logo and variants that appeared during the Sus Guy Event temporary rebranding of Jerma's Twitch Channel in both the overlay and the channel's panels in the About Me section.

• Sneb has illustrated multiple fanart pieces shared by the Grotto Beasts Official Twitter, some of which include:

- A group fanart piece of multiple Beasts including: Dustbunny, Sheetopillar, Lizard Wizard, Minereel, Zapbit, Alieums, Biogator, Festive Mimic, Nebula Ray, Optimal Illusion, and Hypnodaze.

- A fanart piece featuring Fretzel.