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Jerma985's Social Media Profile Picture and Official Branding Logo

Jeremy Elbertson, better known as Jerma985 or simply Jerma, is one of the owners of Elbertsons and Sons, the company that produces Grotto Beasts. The source of a majority of theming of the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game is drawn directly from or inspired by characters and moments from over a decade of his career, and he himself appears in the game multiple times. Jerma, along with Hollulu, is the original concept creator for the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game. Past the original concept creation of the game, Jerma oversaw the major project decisions and Jermaverse theming decisions, and also participated as a Guest Illustrator.

Social Media

Twitch: Jerma985
Twitter: @Jerma985
Youtube: 2ndJerma (Current Channel), Jerma985 (Old Main Channel)

List of Work

Card Art

Card Number Rarity Card Name Card Type Beast Type Epic Card Summoning Cost Power Goal Artist Original Forty Foil Style
026 Common One Guy Challenger - - - 1 13 Jerma985 - Bubbles


• Jerma first spoke about the desire to make a collectible card series that featured his characters during the Monster Rancher 2 streams, on March 20th 2018. It wasn't until March 2021, when Jerma and Hollulu broke geodes open together and compared it to card pack opening, that prompted the well-received Original Forty cards being made by the Core Art team as a gag prop that evolved into the Wonders of Archaeology Stream, that an actual purchasable merchandise card game started being planned. The Open Geode card references the original inception of Grotto Beasts.

• It's estimated that at least 90 of the cards have direct references from Jerma's career, plus the original Original Forty Beasts that appeared in the Wonders of Archaeology Stream. Additionally, almost the entire Grotto Beast world was shaped with elements from Jerma's streams and the already-established "Jermaverse" in mind.

• Jerma originally illustrated One Guy in a BRB screen for his Twitch Channel's early placeholder branding. One Guy still appears on the channel today as an official emote, as well as a common phrase that's said on the channel, used to signify a singular chatter who changes the course of a stream, and as a category for the annual JermAwards.

• Jerma gave the team a list of jokes and theming he wanted from the Mr. Greenz's Casino stream that he wanted references to, that was planned to take place right before the Grotto Beast's original planned release date. The references still exist in the game as both subtle and direct references, however the stream event did not come to be, and there are no longer any current plans to due to the difficulties that came with planning it.

• Jerma allowed the Art and Design Team much creative freedom when it came to most of the visuals of the Grotto Beasts world side of the game's theming, giving feedback and approving designs along the way. Some of a few additions to the Grotto Beasts world he directly added include:

- During the creation period when Grotto Beasts was simply a prop for The Wonders of Archaeology Stream, Jerma made one creature request: a mopey sludge character that could not attack, simply called "Sludge". Sturner conceptualized the immediately approved card that appeared in the Original Forty cards.

- While the World Map was being laid out by Hollulu, Jerma was asked if there were any elements that should be added, and he requested an "Ice Cream Land", which helped mold the direction of the Northern mountainous area, later named Bittersweet Peaks.

- During the early designing of the urban city that would become Metrometropolis, Jerma pitched the idea of lightbulb denizens that lived there, which were designed by Sturner.