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Jason's Social Media Profile Picture

Jason Rainville is a Guest Illustrator for the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game.

Social Media

Website: Link
Twitter: @rhineville

List of Work

Jason's B.F. Bugleberry illustration also appears on the B. F. Bugleberry Art Print on the Grotto Beasts Official Store.

Card Art

Card Number Rarity Card Name Card Type Beast Type Epic Card Summoning Cost Power Goal Artist Original Forty Foil Style
002 Rare B. F. Bugleberry Challenger - - - 1 16 Jason Rainville - Shattered
005 Rare JEX Challenger - - - 2 18 Jason Rainville - Sheen
077 Rare Greedy Grinner Wish - Epic 4 - - Jason Rainville - Bubbles


• Two of Jason's illustrated cards, JEX and Greedy Grinner, were originally submitted to the Jerma community as fanart, the former with details changed for its card appearance, and the latter commissioned to continue the piece forward from a traditional pencil sketch.