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Gwen's Social Media Profile Picture

Gwen M. is a Guest Illustrator for the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game.

Social Media

Twitter: gwen the psychic

List of Work

Card Art

Card Number Rarity Card Name Card Type Beast Type Epic Card Summoning Cost Power Goal Artist Original Forty Foil Style
003 Common Grandpa Challenger - - - 1 12 Gwen M. - Sheen
014 Rare Byeah Prime Challenger - - - 1 15 Gwen M. - Shattered
022 Common Wall Dad Challenger - - - 4 16 Gwen M. - Shattered
024 Common 30's Milkman Challenger - - - 1 12 Gwen M. - Sheen


• Gwen has illustrated thumbnails for Jerma's Youtube channel, as well as the 2ndJerma Youtube banner that features a large group picture featuring wrestlers that appeared in the Jerma Rumble events, including Jerma, Bat Boy, Wall Dad, Grandpa, the 30's Milkman, and many more.