Glow Angel

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Glow Angel
Stats and Types
Epic No
Card Type Beast
Beast Type Angelic
Summoning Cost 3
Power 3
Goal N/A
Card Information
Card Number #133
Card Rarity (C) Common
Artist Melscribbles
Foil Style Shattered

Glow Angel is a Beast Card that was first seen in The Wonders of Archaeology Stream as part of the Original Forty and was first printed in the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game.

The Card

Card Effect

When summoned to your sideline,
you may return two Beasts on your
team to your hand. If you don't,
discard Glow Angel.

Prop Version

See Also Original Forty
Original card art

Rules and Rulings

  • If you do not have enough Beasts to return to your hand, you must discard Glow Angel.



Written by Game Designer J. Evan Raitt:

Not every combo needs to be part of a secret script. It's fine to have very obvious combinations that allow players to know exactly how best to use a card, so they can be used effectively. And yes, it was important to be specific on where all Beasts were located, because having free reign on how to use this card made it one of the strongest and most unfun in the game.