Giant Enemy Spider

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Giant Enemy Spider
Stats and Types
Epic No
Card Type Challenger
Beast Type N/A
Summoning Cost N/A
Power 0
Goal 15
Card Information
Card Number #023
Card Rarity (C) Common
Artist Sturner
Foil Style Sheen

Giant Enemy Spider is a Challenger Card that was first seen and printed in the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game. The character is a reference to the Jermaverse character of the same name as seen in the video Silly Putty Car Circus!.

The Card

Card Effect

You may choose Beasts on your sideline
to defend during battle as though they
were on your team.

Rules and Rulings

  • Beasts on your sideline must be still valid choices to defend, such as be awake and not have any card effects that would prevent them from defending.



Written by Game Designer J. Evan Raitt:

Part of the idea for Challengers is that they help players break rules that aren't allowed to normally break. At the start it was going to be a very specific design decision that Beasts on a sideline could not at all interact with combat, but it did fit as a fun Challenger ability when I chose to give it a shot. After I rethought this design decision, I looked over a number of other very specific rules I made for myself and wanted to break them as well. One design that I did consider to break was having a Challenger that could move to the sideline, but given a lot of concerns that it would break the game in some unknown way, I chose to keep rules like that.