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Absterart's Social Media Profile Picture

Abster, also known as and credited as Absterarts, is a Guest Illustrator for the Grotto Beasts! Trading Card Game.

Social Media

Twitter: @absterarts

List of Work

Card Art

Card Number Rarity Card Name Card Type Beast Type Epic Card Summoning Cost Power Goal Artist Original Forty Foil Style
056 Common Batter Up! Wish - - 3 - - Absterarts - Dots
079 Common Intimidate Wish - - 2 - - Absterarts - Bubbles


• Abster's Batter Up! card illustration was originally a fan art piece that was commissioned to be updated with the The Jerma Baseball Association Stream's costuming looks after it aired, and extended to match the proportions of a Grotto Beast Wish card.

• Abster created one of Grotto Beasts's earliest pieces of fanart featuring many beasts: Meowdy, Zapbit, Sneezie, Dustbunny, Protojammer, Puddle Puppy, and Highland Destrier, shared on the Grotto Beasts Official Twitter.